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grew out of a dream. The dream is to provide humanistic care for the dogs and cats of economically disadvantaged areas. It is in these economically deprived areas that the human suffering severely impacts dogs and cats; where our animal friends are abused, abandoned, sick and dying on the streets for lack of care by humans. We are the caretakers of the animals and we need to help our animal friends who are crying out for our help.

The Brave Heart Animal Foundation does the following in order to help our animal friends.

1. We help sponsor and coordinate clinics where dogs and cats are spayed and neutered for free. At the clinics the animals are provided free vaccinations and teaching workshops are offered to help people care for their animals.

2. We help sponsor and support teaching clinics for rural veterinarians. At these teaching clinics veterinarians are taught modern practices to be used when they practice at their individual clinics.

3. We help provide the latest equipment for veterinarians so that they can have the tools to provide the proper care for the animals.

4. We help support animal shelters with food and money so that they can continue to provide their valuable services to the homeless and abused dogs and cats of economically disadvantaged areas.

5. We help support dedicated individuals who care for our animal friends that need monetary assistance.

All donations are tax deductible in the USA as we are a 501 (c) (3) corporation per IRS regulations.

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